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Physical Education

Subject Leader: Miss Winter


At Temple Sowerby CE Primary School, we aim to foster a love of physical activity, and promote fitness, wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle for all of our children. We provide opportunities for all children to participate and enjoy a wide range of physical activities through our PE lessons, clubs, sporting competitions and tournaments.

Sport also provides the opportunity to bring local schools together and to develop an understanding of healthy competition. As part of the Eden Valley Sports Partnership, we participate in a range of annual tournaments with other schools in the Eden district, including netball, football, cross country, swimming and hockey. We also actively seek out opportunities to engage children in other sports, to inspire and promote a love of physical activity. Recent examples include bouldering, horse riding and wheelchair rugby. We also provide swimming lessons to all children in both KS1 and KS2, to prepare them for later life and provide them with an essential life skill.

The outdoor and adventurous element of the PE curriculum is facilitated through our Forest Schools sessions, as well as outward-bound residentials. During these activity weeks, children have the opportunity to experience a range of outdoor and adventurous activities, such as caving, ropes courses, team building, canoeing, ghyll scrambling and climbing. Access to these sports and activities builds confidence, self-belief, perseverance and resilience in our pupils.  Many of these activities are also experienced by our Year 6 children as part of their end of year transition to secondary school, where they have the opportunity to meet up with other children from local schools for an activity day in Patterdale. 


At Temple Sowerby, PE is taught in two separate 1 hour lessons per week, supplemented by sports clubs and regular use of our daily mile track. Our PE curriculum has been planned to ensure it is broad and balanced and fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Lessons are planned to ensure skills are sequenced and that we develop children’s fitness. We consider the needs of all the children, to ensure equal opportunities and access to PE, and we involve the community where possible, e.g. Sports Day, clubs, intra/inter-school matches, outside coaching personnel and resources.

In 2019, were awarded Active Mark, acknowledging our good practice in P.E. This is a prestigious national award by Sport England which recognises schools that show a commitment to promoting the benefits of physical activity.


By the end of Key Stage 1, we will ensure that children have developed basic movement skills to develop balance, coordination and agility. Children will be able to dance and express themselves physically. We will also ensure that children develop ball skills and take part in competitive games and sports both at an intra and inter sport level. Pupils will appreciate their local environment by taking part in outdoor and adventurous activities through participation in Forest Schools activities. Children will know the value of fair play and how to compete fairly in sports.

By the end of Key Stage 2, all children will have had access to a comprehensive programme of sporting opportunities. Through the provision of swimming lessons in every year group, they will be able to swim – the majority to the target set by the government.

All pupils will have had a good balance of teaching in team games, racquet sports, dance, athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities, plus the opportunity to take part in alternative and minority sports. Pupils will have been encouraged to compete with fair play in mind but also competitively, being given the opportunity to take part in both intra and inter school competitions. There will have been opportunities to express themselves even further physically, especially in dance. Children will have had the opportunity to build confidence and resilience through a programme of outdoor and adventurous activities in Key Stage 2, such as Forest Schools sessions and residential trips.